Social media marketing has become a phenomenon that requires no explanation these days. Almost every business existing today realize the importance of the digital presence of a business.  Almost everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon to make their business relevant for an entirely different kind of audience. This requires detailed knowledge about the phenomenon in order to escape social media mistakes.


There’s a lot of things that go into making a brand presence visible on social media. However, very few know how to achieve this success.


Being a crowded place, social media has raised the standards much higher to provide limelight to business. Therefore, your one mistake can become another business’s benefit to raise their presence on social media platforms.


In today’s blog, we are going to guide the readers about some of the social media mistakes that they have been making. But before addressing the mistakes unknown to many marketers, let’s start with the basics:


The classic social media mistakes include using personal accounts instead of using the account for business.


Now let’s get back to business with the actual social media marketing mistakes that van affect a company’s revenue.


Existing without An Epic Social Media Marketing Strategy:

Social Media Marketing Mistakes Damaging Your Brand’s Presence

The success of business existing today depends upon an effective social media marketing. And an effective social media marketing depends upon an epic social media marketing strategy. In other words,  without a social media marketing strategy, the business can’t dream of building a beneficial social media existence.


Like business lures for appropriate information about the audience and it’s targeting audience, social media marketing craves for a well-designed soil media marketing strategy.


It’s not like you can’t have a social media presence without a social media marketing strategy, but your page will soon turn into a barren land that doesn’t grow, has no followers and makes absolutely no revenue out of their social media presence. Got my point?


Posting For The Sake of “Posting” :

Social Media Marketing Mistakes Damaging Your Brand’s Presence

There’s no denial in the fact that social media marketing requires constant updating and enhancement for engagement. However, most of the marketers have got this concept all wrong.


Just for the sake of consistency, some social media marketers tend to posts and share stuff that seems forceful.


The key is to make your presence countable with good content. Basically, if you don’t have anything good to say, just don’t.


The forceful content seems fake and unauthentic causing distrust among your viewers making your business, product, and services look fake.


Apart from all this, low-quality can do the opposite as well. It can cause low engagement rates as well.


More Promotion, Less Marketing:


This is one of the biggest mistakes that can be performed even by trained social media marketers.


With an urge to sell the product on social media platforms. Marketers usually step on the line of irritating promotions from effective marketing. And believe me, it’s a very thin line.


The key is to first build a relationship with your audience before jamming your product into their eyes through endless shameless promotion.


You need to be raw, authentic and transparent in your approach if you want to build an everlasting impression with your client.



Dealing Negatively with Negative Social Media Feedback:

Social Media Marketing Mistakes Damaging Your Brand’s Presence

Businesses that switch from traditional marketing to social media marketing aren’t professional with negative feedback on social media. That’s because they are not used to such criticism in their traditionally set up business. No one told them that the online world can be this cruel.


Most of the social media marketers tend to reply to a negative comment with a lame excuse or irrelevant explanation. This can only make your brand image.


Believe me, negative feedback isn’t always something that could erupt a discomfort in the business. Sometimes, its constructive, other times it’s just an engagement on your brand page. So don’t hide it all the time.


Being “Too” Corporate, Less Human:


Unlike traditional marketing, social media marketing requires a humanly feeling between consumers and the brand.


The sense of social media marketing is human to human feelings. Consider our brand as not a company or product but as a human convincing another human.


A brand that indicates itself as a human through comments and posts will grasp more engagement than the brand that sticks to its corporate personality.


If you’re still confused as to why you need to revise it social media marketing system then what I’m about to conclude this blog with, will help you understand the concept, once and for all.


The importance of a detailed and managed social media policy lies in its potential to save the company from a public relations disaster.

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