Digital Marketing strategies have started ruling the advertising world more than any other mediums. With social media being the most popular form of communication these days, business communication with customers has also been taken up to this platform and has found a major opportunity for increased return of investment by advertising on digital media platforms rather than in print or in mainstream media.Chances are that you are already familiar with the terms mentioned in this blog about digital marketing plans and strategies.

Digital Marketing Strategies Created to Benefit Businesses:


Following are the strategies that you can try to harvest many of the endless opportunities for your business via social media:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Best Digital Marketing Strategies You Must Try

SEO is THE most important factor in determining your ad reach and customer interaction. Every other strategy would be futile if Search Engine Optimization is not properly done in the content you use on your website such as blogs, promotional content and videos etc. Basically, SEO is the filter that ranks websites on search engines like Google whenever you search for certain terms or keywords. The higher your website is ranked on the search engine, the more people you are likely to reach.

For example, if you search ‘social media website’ on Google, the first link in your search results will most probably be of Facebook as it is well managed in terms of SEO.


How to Place SEO Links to Improve Your Ranking


Content Marketing Strategies:

Best Digital Marketing Strategies You Must Try

The most important element of marketing online is content. Content can be defined as the main body of your website, blog, or ad which includes text/copy, pictures, sounds, and videos. For successful marketing online, relevant and effective content development and placing are essential. This may include promotional content like guest blogs, Facebook posts, twitter hashtags and other trends that make your brand name recognized in your target market. For example, if you are a new brand on Instagram, your best shot would be to approach the market ‘kings’ e.g. the best known brands in the same industry as yours, by tagging them on your posts along with the main hashtags that they use.


Responsive Website Designs:

Best Digital Marketing Strategies You Must Try
Source:Blue Fountain Media

Responsive or interactive web designs are one of the greatest digital marketing strategies examples that we can find in the modern business trends. These web designs are basically an optimized and reactive version of website that is adapted to convenient viewing and browsing in all digital devices, not just computers. Why? Because most of the audience is now viewing websites on the go instead of browsing only on their computers.

For this reason, interactive web designs allow them to view websites with proper placements of content that would otherwise be misplaced or unorganized when squeezing into a smaller screen. For example, YouTube has a different appearance on desktop version and on mobile phone screens. On mobile phones, the website doesn’t just squeeze into a messy design, but rather places the content properly with ease of viewing for the audience. If this isn’t done, potential customers would be lost as their ‘shopping experience’ would not be satisfactory.


Email Marketing:

Best Digital Marketing Strategies You Must Try

Many digital marketing plans include marketing via emails. The reasons for this are that emails are the most professional form of business communication, everyone has an email address nowadays, and that people aren’t bothered by emails as they read it only when they want to, as opposed to SMS. However, most people don’t really read emails about marketing unless they find the subject interesting, like ‘Great Promo Code for Your Next Order on EatNow!” However, email marketing is found effective in most businesses and continues to be an important strategy.


Video Marketing Trends:

Best Digital Marketing Strategies You Must Try
Source:Small Business Trends

How many promotional videos did you scroll through on social media today? Many, probably. Video marketing is one of the most powerful tool in social media marketing as it gathers attention unlike any other medium. However, as mentioned before, posting a video alone will not get you anywhere; it needs a combination and support of other elements like SEO, creative content, targeted advertising to the right audience, and other trends such as hashtags that have now been incorporated into YouTube’s marketing strategies, too, now. Bright colors, triggering of emotions, and aiming for more than one senses e.g. hearing and visuals, results in your message staying in your audience’s memory for longer and actually making an impact on them.


Obviously, there are numerous more digital marketing strategies that aren’t listed here, but the ones listed are the most common and relatable ones. It is suggested that you, as a brand, mix things up and get creative with the usage of these tactics because none of these work alone and require other tactics in order to give you the desired results.


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