Free 5 Tips to run an Audit on Instagram

If you are a daily Instagram user and want to boost your brand or business through Instagram, then keeping your Instagram aligned with your business goals is the best way to achieve it.

You can create awareness campaigns about your brand, and engage with people to develop interest and perform conversions, but to get there you need to be sure that everything is tweaked properly.

So, what is the roadmap to make sure that all the directions are supporting your business and well-integrated?

This can be achieved by auditing your Instagram. Digital marketing agencies perform an audit on several Instagram handles to uplift the brands’ social identity and their presence. Let’s have some ideal understanding of Instagram Audit.

Free 5 Tips to run an Audit on Instagram


What is an Instagram Audit?

The audit is a process of inspecting any business model, or product. Instagram Audit means analyzing your Instagram by running several checklists and tasks on it making sure that all your Instagram assets are supporting your business goals and values.


Steps to Execute an Instagram Audit

Here are the key factors which are performed and considered while executing an audit on any Instagram account.


  • Set Your Goals and KPIs

Set the Business goals you want to achieve through your Instagram goals. Before auditing your Instagram, you should be crystal clear about what goals you are aiming to achieve through Instagram.

Keep track of the level of parameters to help you achieve your goal, conducting an audit once a week helps you to make your blurry vision clear that if you are going on the right path or diverging.

To measure those levels, you have to set up your KPIs (also known as Key Performance Indicators) which will assist you throughout the way.

For example, you have a studio startup that you want to promote using your Instagram. Your KPI would be to get create awareness and create engagement and achieve more followers. Meanwhile, if you are an old fish in the market then your KPI would be more focused to increase sales.


  • Review your Branding Look and Feel

Branding Look and Feel


Business profiles tend to be slightly different than a personal account, due to their particular layout pitching some content that is uplifting your niche.

Business Instagram is the professional medium where you can get customers depending on your entire look and feel.

You have to review that everything is perfect including your Instagram handle, profile picture, Bio, Post’s theme and layout, Hashtag’s snippets, Content Planning, etc.

Make sure the username you are selecting from the limited list of usernames should be similar to your business, so that people may locate you without any hassle.

All of your introductory content which goes on the bio, about us section should depict your brand and should be similar across all platforms.


  • Re-check your Hashtags

Re-check your Hashtags

Hashtags play an important role when you want to boost your post organically. Instagram lets you add up to 30 hashtags under the caption which you can use and more people searching for that hashtag might find your post and engage with it.

These are the key tips that will help you get more exposure


  • Always make sure your hashtags are relevant to your post content. If you are using random hashtags, it won’t engage much and your impressions count might fall off.
  • Make your hashtag and start its trend. People using your branded hashtag will only find your posts underneath the search section.
  • Use hashtags that are closest to your niche instead of using daily hashtags with high usage.
  • Make sure the hashtags you are using are not banned. You can try searching for a tag if you are not sure and Instagram will show you if it is banned or not.


  • Correct use of Resources

 Correct use of Resources


Do make sure you are not excluding any feature of Instagram by not using it properly. Some of the things you need to consider are mentioned below

  • Use your website link section effectively because unlike other social media you can’t use clickable links. You only get access to one clickable link which can be accessed under your profile section. Make sure it’s generalized and easy to navigate.


  • Utilize your Bio properly because you get only 150 characters to define your brand or business identity. Make sure your content is constructive and depicts the entire aura of your brand.


  • Make sure you use your profile picture of high quality which represents your business. If your business has a logo, try to upload it in such a way that it doesn’t get too small or too large sliding out of the frame.


  • Review and track your Instagram Insights

track your Instagram Insights

Keep track of your insights, and monitor your outstanding posts. You can boost them as well to get maximum growth. Look for your underperforming posts and try to exclude similar content out from your content planner.

There are many points to audit depending on different niches, tracking your niche goals and aligning them with your Instagram marketing strategy is the main thing to do so.

Adopt these tips to make your Instagram better in terms of performance.

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