5 Common Social Media Questions and Answers All Digital Marketers Should Know

If you think that most people are aware of what social media executives do, then you are mistaken. We conducted a polling survey on our social platforms and the results were shocking. 78 percent of the majority don’t know about what social media executives do. So due to that, they get asked weird questions. We have sorted and selected the repeatedly asked Social Media questions from our survey and we will try to answer them so social media marketers can answer them easily.


5 Common Social Media Questions and Answers All Digital Marketers Should Know

These are some common questions we were asked a lot, and probably if you are a social media marketer you might have been asked similar questions as well.

Usually, I get asked weird yet funny questions including

“Do you scroll Facebook all day at work?” or “Is that even a full-time job?”

Questions like these depict that people don’t know the SMM job roles and their demand in the market.


What is a social media manager and what do they do?

Social media managers handle all the social media accounts of the company and communicate through them on behalf of the organization or any firm. The job description of social media manager can switch depending on the organization’s size, requirements.

Usually, the common tasks of social media managers include:


  • Handling/Monitoring all social media handles of the company and its clients.
  • Creation of content planner depicting what kind of content is to be posted on companies’ all social media to get more engagement on their social sites.
  • Establishment of strategies to run advertising campaigns of any brand or for self-promotions.
  • Writing blogs, promotional content as required.
  • Keeping track of analytics, making proposals, catering clients’ quires, etc.


The list of tasks that might have given you an idea that what social media managers do.

The job title may vary depending on the job description from a digital marketing executive, social media executive, social media manager, strategy expert, marketing manager, and others.

The skills required for the job are also high and demanding, a social media manager should also know content writing, graphics designing and logo designing, analytics, adverts handling, etc.


Why does social media advertising cost so much?

Social media marketing requires an experienced person to implement and execute new strategies and generate ROI (return of investment). Most of the companies hire social media marketers who generate ROI statements along with the complete track and balance of the reports.

It’s costly because developing strategies, and trying to cater to many objectives of a brand or business can be crucial.


What is the secret to getting more followers on my Instagram?

There is not so-called secret or blueprint to follow to gain a massive about of followers. There is not any dedicated route so it’s all about the generic things like the value you providing to your target audience is useful and they loving your content or not, your active participation on your account matters, the hashtags you are using, the time you are posting at, these including various factor depict the overall outcome.

Keeping in short, discover and provide value to your followers and seek a technique that will help you gain more authenticated followers.

For this, we will launch a detailed blog shortly which would be tried and tested.


Purchasing followers on Instagram is easy, so why would someone try to seek organic reach?

True, you can buy followers easily. Many accounts on Instagram usually approach you to sell you several followers which are highly not recommendable, because they are inactive, and most bots that showcase the overall image of your handle unprofessional.

Such fake followers are for the time being also which decreases from time to time you would be left with a couple of dead followers who aren’t of your niche.

The best way to gain followers is to run ad campaigns on Instagram instead of buying dead followers, advertising is cheap on Instagram and would get your authenticated and active followers who can relate to your niche.


“Try our social media marketing services to get a wide exposure in your industry and establish a strong presence on all your social platforms”


What is the best platform to create a social presence?

The answer Is simple. It depends. Every niche and brand might have different social platform priorities depending on their target audience presence, demographics, gender type, content type, etc.

For example, if you are a photographer and sell event coverage shoots, then YouTube would be the best platform for you to use, due to its highly engaged audience who might be interested in your event portfolios you upload on YouTube.


Over to you

These were the repeatedly asked question we get, if you have any other questions regarding social media marketers or any of our services kindly feel free to contact us, our team would love to hear from you and answer all of your queries.

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