How to get more followers on Instagram (The Tested Strategy)

As a startup starting from ground zero on Instagram can be tricky.

One of the first things you need to do is to gain followers as soon as possible, but how?

A trend came into observance where people used to buy Instagram followers and use auto-following bots, which may increase your followers count for a short duration of time but won’t contribute much in the long term.

They are mostly fake profiles or bots which unfollow you eventually, and negatively impact your engagement of posts because none of them care to interact with your posts or keep interested in your niche due to random following.

The major objective here is to gain followers in a legit way where people can relate to your posts and are interested in seeing more similar content. This keeps your organic engagement healthy and flowing.

Effective tips to get more followers on Instagram for Free


  • A proper Strategy

A proper Strategy


To do every task successfully, you need a proper strategy to execute it instead of just going out there executing all processes without any proper mindset and targets.

Gaining Instagram followers is not a piece of cake. People follow you for some reason, the value you provide to them. Consider having a thought on why you need more followers?

Might be some of the major reasons, like creating brand awareness, getting more leads, driving traffic to any of your social mediums, etc.

Sticking to these business-oriented goals will help you to keep your Instagram consistent and effective, that keep your followers with mutual interest more linked up with your profile.


  • Know your Target Audience

Target Audience


Think about who are the people who would be most interested in your brand or company? Try asking yourself suck questions like

  • Where they live?
  • What is their age range?
  • What gender would be your major target?
  • What are the pains of your audience?
  • When they are mostly active on Instagram?

Answering these questions will help you hovering the limelight on the dark spots and you will get a better picture which will help you do design the content to be posted on Instagram accordingly.


  • Add Consistency in your Feed Aesthetics

Consistency in your Feed Aesthetics


Try to keep your profile grid minimal and sophisticated. The overall look and feel of your Instagram feed should be neat and look professional, so it gives an impression that you are not just throwing anything out there without proper planning. Each picture of your Instagram should connect and fit perfectly with the rest of your feed images.

You can exclude the type of content which doesn’t blend well with your feed, you can try other Instagram features like Instagram Stories to promote it.

Try sticking to your brand theme, and layout. Don’t overdo your post creatives, try using pictures of High Quality for the best experience.

Pro Tip: You can find several apps to pre-check what how your grid will look like before publishing it.


  • Use Keywords to appear in Searches

Use Keywords to appear in Searches


To find you people need to search you, but Instagram only uses two fields to fetch your social handle, that is username and your display name. Try blending keywords in your username and display the name which people are most likely to search.

For example, if your company provides digital marketing services, then you can use keywords like Brands, Digital, etc.

Try to keep your all-social handles similar across all platforms, which makes it easier for people to find you. You can also use hashtags in your bio to get more noticeable.


  • Use Relevant Hashtags

Use Relevant Hashtags


After username, hashtags are also searchable which works best for all your postings. Hashtags play a vital role in contributing to your engagement.

Try avoiding random hashtags generators that are not related to your post, they are not long-lasting because people can’t relate with your post for the hashtags they are searching for.

Make use of relevant hashtags, that define your post more accurately. Instagram lets you add up to 30 hashtags maximum, so try to take advantage of them.


  • Promote your Instagram on other Social Networks

The easiest way to get more followers on Instagram is to promote your Instagram handle on your other social platforms. If you already have a following on your other social networks, you would want to let them know about your Instagram presence as well.

One of the pro tip influencers use to promote their Instagram is by letting their followers know that they might be posting behind the scenes, or posting some helpful content which might be useful for the audience. For which in return they get a huge following.

You can post useful content on your Instagram which is a bit different from your other social networks, they might be the hook to pull people to follow your handle and engage with your postings.


  • Embed your Posts in your Blogs

If you have a website with decent traffic, the best option is to embed your posts related to your blog on your website. That will provide more exposure to your Instagram.


  • Look for Featuring Accounts

Featuring Accounts


You may find several featuring accounts on Instagram, which promote similar niche accounts for free or by charging a reasonable fee. They have huge followings and once your post gets featured on their account you may get many followers related to your niche.


Over to you

Adopt these features and experience the massive change in your Instagram following. For any assistance and support, you can prefer our digital marketing services, to get your Instagram over the clouds.

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