5 Ways for Social Marketers to Avoid Social Media Burnout

Being a social media marketer can be a stressful job. At some point, all social media managers suffer from fatigue and burnout that can be either the environment or the load of work.

Self-care and mind relaxing tips and tricks seem to work entirely differently for such job type. Being plugged in all the time with the digital world and not being able to unplug to detox your mind from the digital atmosphere seems more like a mission impossible.

Social media burnout is critical and should be addressed, and taken seriously as the pressure keeps on building up like a volcano making the condition more worsen.

Experts and Professional assist on this how to deal with such burnout keeping your mental state stable and working in a supportive work environment more effectively.


What is a Social Burnout?

Social Burnout

Social media burnout is a type of occupational burnout, which is also addressed by World Health Organization known as a syndrome which results from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.”

Burnout can be triggered in any type of field but it’s most likely to be encountered in the social media marketing domain where it’s hard to unplug out.


Various key elements can cause a burnout

  • Overloaded of work tasks
  • Blurry job expectations
  • Stigma linked with social media
  • Discouragement from higher authorities
  • Limited control
  • Unhealthy work environment
  • Work and life imbalance


Social inequalities are also one of the reasons that trigger burnout, based on gender, age, race, and disability discriminations which results in an unhealthy working atmosphere affecting mental health that triggers burnout.

Social media burnout can be subtle in the beginning but can be fatal with not taken care of and left without any acknowledgment. Some of the signs depicted by WHO (World Health Organization) includes;

  • Depletion in energy and feeling exhausted
  • Job dissatisfaction
  • Negative working environment
  • Inability to fulfill the requirements
  • Discouragement from the managers


 5 ways to avoid a social burnout

  • Set your milestones and boundaries

Social media is the network that is always awake and on, but that doesn’t mean you should be providing 24/7 coverage, that is completely unhealthy and unrealistic.

There should be boundaries you need to set between work-life to maintain a balance. While working try to focus on your tasks and try to accomplish your all tasks within the working hours so you don’t have to deal with the bulk of the pending day-to-day tasks.

Try using website blockers or app limitation tools to avoid distractions using work.


  • Know your worth

Usually, social media jobs are taken lightly and are underpaid, under-appreciated, which results in demotivation. There are many misconceptions about the social media industry but high skillsets are expected on minimal wages. You are not only a social media specialist, you are a marketer, public relations support, customer support, a content marketing specialist, strategist, and much more.

Know your worth and make sure others also see you valuable.

Look for opportunities and try to accomplish them flawlessly. Show you daily reports of the valuable work you have been doing, with full tracking letting the upper authorities know that you are a valuable asset to their firm.


  • Work Smart, Not Hard

Sometimes the workload increases and starts to build upon the worklist, and it gets stressful and frustrating and managing seems like slipping out of hands.

One of the best ways to manage workload and deal with tasks effectively is to map your tasks on a timeframe dividing them into segments depending on the task priority and skill-set level. You can also try Pomodoro Method which is a technique in which you dedicate 25 minutes without interruption on a task being fully focused and dedicated with 5 minutes palate cleanses.


  • Maintain Healthy Habits

Try to adopt healthy things in your daily routine to avoid being frustrated.

Here are a couple of things you can do to escape burnout.

  • Protech your eye-sight
  • Take breaks regularly
  • Meditate and perform calming exercises
  • Consume Healthy Food and follow a proper diet.
  • Avoid using your cellphone 24/7
  • Take social breaks when you are off work
  • Get a proper full night sleep


  • Celebrate Victories and Do what you love

Reward yourself after accomplishing everyday tasks effectively, which will keep bringing your state of happiness back to normal.

You can try rewarding yourself with some good meal, or a treat of sweetness or maybe getting yourself some gadgets to help you work more effectively.

Try to take out time for the things you love to do maybe watching Netflix and chilling might help. Relax and take your self-space more often so you can clear your mind.

These tips will help you flourish in any social media marketing agency, and you will be more productive than ever before, and eventually, you will escape all sorts of burnout.

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