Roadmap to your first 10k Followers on Instagram

Having trouble while trying to figure out how to get your first legitimate 10k followers on Instagram?

We know the hassle; you are not the only one aiming for it. Many of us who are starting from scratch want to reach the 10k follower milestone especially brands, including startups, business profiles, and even individuals.

Unlocking such a tier demonstrates that you have the potential to of being a successful influencer in your industry.

Most of the business are flocking out there to get more followers on Instagram, which create a strong competition, that’s one of the reasons most of them try to purchase Instagram followers as an initial push for their Brands.


Roadmap to your first 10k Followers on Instagram


However, purchasing a bunch of followers on Instagram may increase your followers count making it look legit, but eventually, end up as a disaster because most of them are not even nearest to your niche which always results in a lack of engagement on your content getting you back to ground zero.

Such followers gained are mostly bots or fake accounts which unfollow you after a while dropping down the numbers you paid for.

We assume that you are having similar issues that’s why you are here,

But don’t worry we will break it down into a step-by-step guild for you which will help you get organic and legit followers which most of the social media marketing experts adopt.


Post your content consistently

Consistency plays an important role while posting on Instagram, which means the more you post the more your chances to get highlighted and discovered on the feed.

Many Instagram accounts are posting on regular basis acquiring all the feed, so you need to stand in the feed which can only be accomplished by posting more content.


Roadmap to your first 10k Followers on Instagram


By posting consistently we mean by setting up your days and timing while you are posting. Upload daily or on alternate days at least so your audience knows you are out there.

Don’t compromise the quality of your content in the struggle of posting your content more.

Research, analyze and plan your content calendar. The more organized you are the more consistently you will post.

You can use tools that allow you to schedule your post promptly in a consistent way to avoid multitasking.

For example, Facebook Creator Studio allows you to schedule posts for Facebook and Instagram.


Stay Active and Connected

Your audience doesn’t want to follow a ghost bot that is just throwing content out there and ignoring them.

Try to interact with your audience and cater to their queries also like their comments once in a while so they know they are valuable to you. Consider them your family, showing love and support is harmless, and creating a friendly atmosphere depicts a positive sign. Many of the followers go through the comments section of your posts to see if you are interacting with the customers or not.

Besides interacting with your audience, you can slide into the comment section of similar posts of people who are not following you, making them feel you care. You can like a couple of posts that are similar to your niche.

Following a bunch of people who are posting similar content might uplift your connection with the community in embracing your existence in the Industry.


Create a call to Action for Posts

Creating a call to action in your post is one of the best ways to increase engagement on your posts.

For example, you can drop a call to action of comment by asking them questions, recommendation requests, personal stories or to tag a friend.

You can ask them to like the post if they agree with your content, or ask them to share it on their stories or save the post to keep it for later. But make sure while proposing a call to action you keep at least one or two actions because throwing all these at them might look like a lot of work to the viewer and it might get ignored.

Create a call to Action for Posts

Optimize your Instagram

A premium-looking profile picture plays a vital role in showcasing professionalism, so make sure your profile carries an authentic-looking profile picture. Also, make sure your bio is detailed and outlines the aura of your brand or company.

Publish more Stories


Publish more Stories

Instagram has a dedicated story section in which different story highlights are displayed, so even if the audience misses out on your post on the feed, they will get notified about the post featured on your story. You can utilize stories by uploading BTS of your company, daily updates, polls to engage you’re your audience, etc.

Instagram releases new features on and off, so try to play around with such new features trying to make your stories look appealing.


Use Hashtags Properly

Posts with hashtags tend to receive more likes than those not having any hashtags at all. So, make sure you are using hashtags that are frequently being used on the platform.

Make sure the hashtags you are using are related to your niche and being used on Instagram. You can use Hashtag tools which provide you with a collection of hashtags for your desired posts.


Track Your Analytics


Track Your Analytics

Every social media platform out there has an Analytics section that helps you to track which of your content is performing well or which of your content is underperforming so make sure to have a look at your analytics and post the content which is doing well out there.

Sometimes dealing with all your social media activities can be tough, that’s one of the reasons most people prefer Social media marketing agencies to run their social media.

We at Brandians make sure that your social media is well optimized and being monitored providing you with great exposure out there.

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